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Erotic Dreams - Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

It is FREE to have an account with us! You can list up to 3 adverts for FREE! For unlimited advert listings you can upgrade to our premium service for an annual fee of ONLY £9.99! We always offer add ons to help boost your adverts or profile, these are optional and they are to help let you be more noticed within the website, they help create more interest to potential buyers.

Do you charge any commission on sold items?

Absolutely not. It's your money.... We do not charge you any commission payments for any goods or services you provide through our website.

How many adverts can I list?

You can list up to 3 adverts for FREE! Or you can upgrade to our premium service to list an unlimited amount of adverts! The great thing about our website is all adverts when published stay on the website and don't disappear - so no annoying re lists!

What is a Featured Seller?

Features Sellers are shown prominently throughout the website, taking priority over standard sellers while the website is being viewed. It is a great way to ensure your profile is seen by prospective clients. You can become a featured seller for only £1.00 for 30 days.

How can I improve my sales?

It's always best to verify your account, this gives buyers peace of mind & your listings will have priority on our website if you do this. We also have a few tips on how to make your ED UK profile look good & hopefully this will attract buyers. 1) Listings! If you have 3 FREE listings on our website - please use them! Just having a profile alone won't attract the buyers as much. They need to see what you sell! 20 adverts or more will make you stand out from the crowd. 2) Photos! If you have nice photos modelling your items and update these often this will keep your adverts fresh - we love a good selfie stick! 3) Prices! Keep them competitive - maybe add a free gift? 4) Promote yourself! Social media is a great one. I hope these tips help & Good Luck!

Why aren't I getting any sales?

Please don't worry.... take a look at our selling tips on this page, they may help. It is a very young website & our pricing reflects this. The more sellers & more the adverts listed the better as it generates more key words & will help the website move up the Google rankings. We promote sellers adverts on Twitter. We are always working on the website to help get it more noticed. Please stick with it! We wish you the very best of luck!

Is the website easy to use?

Short answer YES! It is easy to list an advert. You can use your mobile phone, tablet or PC. If you use a laptop or PC you can drag and drop your photos within your adverts. Remember to publish your adverts! If you do have any problems please contact us through our "Contact Us" form within the website & we will be happy to help you.

How do the reviews work?

People can only review you if you send them a link to do so from your account within the website, it is not open for anyone to make a review. To ask someone for a review you log into your account, go to the left hand side on the dashboard, click "reviews" Select "request a review" from the right, complete the form provided (including your customers email address) Then click "send review request" Your customer will then receive an email from you requesting a review.

Verified Seller!

Being a verified seller offers buyers a little safety & are more likely to make a purchase from you if you are verified, as this confirms you are who you say you are. To become a verified seller please click on the link within the admin of the website. Please follow the instructions & write down the numbers provided - then you need to hold the numbers near your face & take a photo, once sent your account will be updated as soon as possible (within working hours) Please don't worry the image that you send will only be for internal use to confirm verification.

Technical issues with the website....

Firstly please don't panic... sometimes glitches or downtime can happen. It basically means either updates are being made to the website by us or by our hosting company. No timescales can be given for fixes as it depends on how complex the issue is, but please be reassured that we will have any issues in hand. Please view Twitter for any updates @EroticDreamsUK

Who are ED?

Hello 🖐 Patrick here nice to meet you! My wife & sister in law used to sell or still sell fetish items. They kept telling me about other websites & how rubbish they were! So I decided to build a unisex fetish selling site myself! On ED you can sell your used underwear & other fetish items. I put the site live in 2018. I like to keep my prices low to help YOU sellers maximize your earnings! I am constantly working on the website to improve how it works. Why not become a part of the #DreamTeam? All the Best! Patrick ❤

Opening hours & how to contact us!

Opening hours - Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm. We are closed every weekend & UK bank holidays. Contact us - 1) Contact us page on the website 2) Email us using [email protected] We will reply to you as soon as we can (within opening hours) *Please note* Some emails can go to spam. If you don't get an email reply within 2 working days please DM us on Twitter. Here at ED we are always happy to help you :) Thank You!

Why can't I sign in?

Problems signing in? Please don't worry, go to the sign in page & click on "I forgot my password" complete the form to receive a link to reset your password (check your spam folder if no email is received from us within 10 minutes) Common errors for being unable to sign in are - 1) Miss spelling your email address - sometimes by including capital letters in your email address that aren't originally there can create problems. 2) Trying to sign in with a completely different email address to what you used when you registered with us - if you have another email address please try signing in with that also, you can change your email address within the admin 3) Forgetting the password - make a note & keep your password safe. If you still have issues signing in please get in touch with us & we will be happy to help you :)

How to Buy!

This is how you buy from our lovely sellers - You don't need to create an account! Click on the advert of your chosen sexy item, it will have a picture and price of whats on offer. Once you have chosen your item please contact the seller direct - you can contact the seller by completing an enquiry form on the website OR by adding the seller on Kik or any other communication app they may have available. All transactions and orders are completed off the website. It is so easy!

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